Thanks to 2015 and Welcome 2016!

And here comes the New Year; 2016!

But lets wait and look back to the roller coaster of 2015. What a year! 2015 for Bohra Developers was full of achievements, gaining fruitful knowledge and learning experience. This year, BD launched a number of websites and online stores; be it of fashion, medical, food or building materials.

Fashion sites like Amir Adnan and Lakhany Silk Mills have been one of those most successful sites by BD. Carts were almost starting to be filled once the e-Shelves were occupied and gratefully the graph of both brands have been going up.

On the other hand we were honored when Oscar Award Winner Doctor; Dr. Mohammad Jawad chose BD for his new site R5 Aesthetics Health Care and hence we were successful when it went live. Also, BD was up high when first client from Qatar and that also of Desi food contacted us for their website! And here we brought an e-Revolution by building a tempting site;

In 2015; not only in Qatar but BD reached Australia too by launching an e-Commerce site for Kusha Steels. But more than that our proud moments were when Bohra Developers own new websites were launched. BD’s news site; Desi Akhbar was launched on 28th October 2015 . The site’s purpose is to provide all Desis (South Asians) with all Desi (National) and Vedeshi (International) news. And now above all; on 22nd December 2015 Bohra Developers went live with their newly designed site!

Like 2015; BD plans to climb up the success ladder in 2016 as well. Stay updated with us to check out the launch of The Citizen Foundation’s website and much much more!

Thank you to all our clients for making our 2015 grand and a Happy New Year; 2016!