Bohra Developers launched redesigned e-paper; Desi Akhbar!

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance”. But does that mean one should remain ignorant towards the world? No! Staying updated all the time is the best way to move in correct pace along with the world. All you need is a correct medium through which you can ‘achieve true knowledge’. 

In the attempt to keep everyone updated daily with news and information, two friends: Mr. Hatim S. Dabbawala; the CEO of Bohra Developers and Mr. Mohammad Riaz; Executive Creative Director in Canada started with an e-paper named Desi Akhbar. From May 2003, it has become a platform where all news for and of South Asians are available.

Bohra Developers is excited as it launched the newly designed Desi Akhbar on 28th October 2015. The new layout of the site has been updated with colors and design that attract the viewers plus it is much more user friendly as you can easily access news of different categories such as Headlines, Business, EntertainmentIT News, Lifestyle, Sports, World, Women’s Corner and Blogs.

Bohra Developers further plans to not restrict the e-paper with headlines, announcements and stories but soon we will be updating more activities and puzzles for all age groups so they can get knowledge gaining break from their hectic schedule.

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