Praise for BD this November

They say praise is not an easy thing to earn. In fact it is the one commodity people are very stingy is giving out. Therefore, it is no doubt that if one wins words of acknowledgement, it gives you a high like no other and the motivation to give a 100% more.

Our valued client and friend Deepak Perwani began his journey with Bohra Developers in the year 2013. And after working at close quarters with the BD team he said words which we will hold close to our hearts. “I truly appreciate you & team’s hard work. It is an honor that we work together in a very good manner,” the virtuoso designer said.

Not just that! A true compliment is one which is rendered behind one’s back. Deepak recommended BD to his friend and fellow designer Amir Adnan and this November, AA-the maestro himself-- chose BD for his web work! The BD team is on a colossal high!

This month, BD also prepares to revamp a client brand who have been around for 2 centuries. The launch is due at the beginning of the new year. Add to this BD’s excitement to web launch the work of Pakistan’s very own Oscar winner who is a passionate visionary and humanitarian.

Finally, as the exhilaration of moving to Fakhri Trade Centre sinks in, BD interviews several candidates for the post of  Designer, Open source Developers, SEO executives and Quality Assurance Engineer.


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