E-commerce Consultancy with Bohra Developers

Things have changed! And that’s putting it mildly! And when things change a wise person learns to adapt to and make the best of this change!

Businesses have the most to loose if they fail to keep abreast of these changing trends in shopping habits, retail technologies and the competitive environment. It is plain to see how e-commerce has changed the manner in which buyers are finding, purchasing and recommending products.

Bohra Developers are the leading e-commerce consultants in Pakistan who have their finger on the pulse of the latest e-commerce strategies, operations and technologies. If you are a retailer, brand or distributor, Bohra Developers is your one-stop, complete e-commerce solution.

E-commerce is so much more than just developing a fully functional and aesthetically appealing website! It is an intricate and systematic cycle which incorporates providing your business the most tailor-made and effective mobile commerce approach, implementing Product Information Management to Order Management Systems, providing efficient and productive search and navigation solutions and effective and informative blogs.

With an expert team of e-commerce consultants, web strategists and bloggers who have an in-depth knowledge of the latest e-commerce technologies and solutions, Bohra Developers will give your product the complete e-commerce cycle.

Already handling the e-commerce services of the menswear leader Cotton N Cotton, the exceptional designer Deepak Perwani, the brand hub Showstopper, the textile giants Orient, the unique online gift store, Hadaaya (India) and revamping the ever-popular Desistore, Bohra Developers is now also geared to launch this year’s biggest lead--Oxford University Press’ classic e-commerce site.

With the personalization and flexible customer service which e-commerce brings to shopping, coupled with the boom of the social media, the e-commerce trend is sure to continue to rise, thrive and prosper.

So step into the e-commerce world holding Bohra Developers’ experienced and trusted hand and prepare to take your business to a whole new level!

BD Wishes a Hearty Eid ul Adha

BohraDevelopers wishes a hearty and meaty Eid ul Adha to all its valued clients and friends.
Since 2009, Bohra Developers have been web strategy solution providers, creating and developing the online presence of a myriad of clients from Jafferjees Leather Goods and Gul Ahmed Lawn, Oscar winning Dr. Mohammad Jawad, Thai Airways to Orient textiles, the Government of Balochistan and so many more. Express Giftservice and Retro Designerwear from UK, Hadaaya Gifts from Mumbai and the 1st eCommerce Cart of Pakistan – the new DesiSore is irresistible to be mentioned too.
Catering to every client’s needs (total crossing 500) as per their business maturity, immediate needs, and long-term goals—Bohra Developers has designed, hosted, gathered customers, optimized ethically and successfully and brought business to its ever-growing coterie of customers.
BD has done so thanks to the skilled team of professionals and experienced web strategists who are at the heart of its activities. We at BD are always abreast of the latest and mercurial online trends, business, designs, user experience and technologies.
Yet, it is the clients who trust Bohra Developers with their intrinsic business concerns who are responsible for our success and we take this celebratory season to express our gratitude to them. We thank Deepak Perwani, ShowStopper Designers, Cotton N Cotton (all Pakistan and Canada Brands), Houston Diamonds, Oxford University Press, Team Nayyer for selecting us from the big market of hardworking developers and accepting us their future web consultants.
 Eid Mubarak!
May the Almighty give us many more reasons to celebrate!