Bohra Developers-The Ethical way to get your Website Optimized

Getting your website highly ranked on search engines is what marketing today is all about. And getting highly ranked in search results is directly proportional to getting business. This is simple math and in its simplicity lies its beauty and effectiveness.

Anyone can do SEO-Search Engine Optimization-- but doing so within the parameters of what is ‘ethical’ search engine optimization or placement is an art and science and something only an honest professional with experience can do.

Research shows that when a company doesn’t have effective and ethical SEO campaigns it costs them much more than it would cost of a single SEO venture done professionally and decently. If you want Organic or natural SEO, with Bohra Developers you get a web company which understands the algorithms used by the search engines to determine where sites rank and makes smart decisions on which keywords to target.

Unethical marketing techniques such as link farming, keyword stuffing, cloaking, doorway pages, micro sites, hidden text, external landing pages, temporarily bought links and spamming get visitors to the site but these dishonest techniques are ineffective in the long run and the traffic it draws isn’t the right kind. It mars the company’s reputation and may even get one banned or penalized.

Bohra Developers handles SEO as an astute combination of the optimization of the source code that runs the website page, optimization of the text content of the web page as well as off-page website optimization, such as running a link campaign to increase the relevance of the website to the search engines. This is a sure-shot way to lure more hits on your site, bring in more enquiries and surely more sales.

If you google SEO Pakistan Bohra Developers ranks highest due to its demonstrated knowledge of scoring targeted search engine traffic and rankings in a relatively short space of time, its high quality content for blogger outreach campaigns, social media and website content and its technical aptitude to monitor, analyze and interpret webmaster and analytics reports and tweak SEO efforts accordingly.

Many hop aboard the SEO bandwagon looking for overnight results. But the most quintessential ingredient in the ethical or ‘white hat’ SEO game is patience. Don’t murder your gold-egg laying goose in the greed to get all your golden eggs at a go. Many clients go for SEO campaigns for a limited time and get impatient. One must remember that SEO is not a one-time thing that you do and forget about. It’s not a marketing tool like a hoarding which you rent letting it do its job. Ethical and effective SEO requires constant updating as keyword popularity and competitiveness changes over time.

Bohra Developers doesn’t dabble in tricky techniques—BD simply makes sure that your quality product/service is combined with great content and ethical optimization methods to increase your customer base and attract potential customers.

Keeping your Customers Connected with Corporate Mailing Lists

Out of sight is out of mind. This adage applies more than ever today as each of us is bombarded with a sea of products and services each promising to out-do the other. Every single day, the electronic and print media promote this deal or that bargain. Each company offers the consumer an added edge or a tantalizing perk--that ‘something more’-- to sway even the most loyal customers.

Thus, it becomes vital to the survival of your business, no matter how big or small you are, to remind your customers that you are still alive and kicking. It is imperative to keep ringing a bell to help them recall how good you are at what you do and that you will always go the extra mile with your promotions and deals to keep them appeased and loyal. It is essential to let your customers know you care!

It this cut-throat age of the global market and consumerism, Bohra Developers offers the marketing service of Corporate Mailing Lists, identifying it as an important marketing tool to help its clients promote their products and services online and for product recall as a part of the over-all marketing campaign plan of businesses.

Bohra Developer’s Corporate Mailing Lists are one of the least expensive ways to grow your business. It helps build, maintain and strengthen relationships with both prospects and customers, and helps maintain and build your company’s professional image.

Creating such sturdy relationships with your clients allows you to build trust and authority in your industry, making you or your company name the first to come to mind when someone is asked for recommendations about where to buy specific products or services.

BD’s mailing lists allow for direct contact between businesses and their clientele keeping them abreast of a company’s latest products and services, inviting them to events and other occasions; offering them different promos and discounts, among other benefits. This can also include sending helpful tips, information, resources and timely greetings related to your topic specialty or product industry. BD maintains lists to send promotional materials, such as brochures, catalogs, flyers, posters, and newsletters to your coterie of clients to encourage them to buy the products or services being offered. By providing mailing list subscribers with useful information, you are fostering a positive image in their minds that will generate more sales and revenue over the long term prospects.

Research shows that it is much easier to make additional sales to people who have already had a positive purchase experience with your company. By maintaining a mailing list and regularly sending out mails, you are sure to increase the chances of the number of times a person buys products and services from you.

And as long as customers are happy with the products and services they receive from you, all you have to do is stay fresh in their minds. And lo and behold, you have brand loyalty!

Bohra Developers ensures that the promotional mails that reach your demography of clients are brief, engaging and attractive. It’s all about providing your target clientele quality materials that deliver messages in a concise and effective way. Because BD realizes that time is precious, and there are a myriad of mails overflowing from everyone’s inbox. BD’s mailing list will help identify your company’s mail as truly helpful and filtered from the annoying spam.

In the Eid of 2013, Bohra Developers carried out triumphant Corporate Mailing Lists campaigns for DesiStore, Orient, BD eCommerce, Timelenders and Fatimid Foundation which helped them reconnect with old clients and brief consumers about their Eid campaigns and events, all the while fostering a precious positive image.

Bohra Developers continues to remain your committed partner in web strategy, gathering customers, optimizing to get results and acquiring sales for your business. Because Bohra Developers believes that when you prosper--we grow.

Bohra Developers-Bringing Publications Online

There is nothing which can replace the written word. The pleasure which comes with holding a newspaper in your hand and perusing it has lived on for decades now. However, as times have changed, it has robbed us of the time to relish such pleasures. Yet keeping abreast of what is going on in the world around us if of vital importance.

If you are a publication, then there are a myriad of reasons why you should also be online, but most importantly because ‘Readership behaviour has changed!’ This fast-paced society wants news now which is timely and convenient. Busier and unpredictable schedules call for more flexible ways to receive news and doing so on ones laptop or smartphone is how the multitasking reader today does it.

This is why all major newspapers and magazines are now also online. Bohra Developers believes that print and online newspapers have a symbiotic relationship and together, they are the need of the day due to the readership preferences based on societal, cultural and technological changes.

Bohra Developers addresses and responds to these behavioral changes and preferences, enhancing the pros of the online medium, while working to eliminate its few cons. By supplementing each other, the two media working in concert have the potential to create a combination that is greater than the sum of the individual components.

Online publications are interactive, speedy, instantly updated and free. Letters to the Editor for print newspapers are a slow way of communicating with a paper’s writers and editors. However, if they are done electronically, readers feel a sense of having taken initiative in a way that seems more immediate than writing a letter. Online Letters to the Editor allows daily print newspapers to publish much more recent letters.

Online versions provide more ways to tell a story and offer an alternative to those who want to know the news but don’t like to read long stories in the form of shorter articles that can save time for readers. The reader can see more headlines at once with an access to easy archiving, retrieval and searching.

Online version give newspapers and magazines the flexibility to have live links within your publication, such as hyperlinks to website addresses, linked images, or even videos This format also attracts more ads, which means more revenue to support the site. Online magazines allow for a wider audience. For magazines looking to make profit by means of ads, this means a larger audience for revenue. The use of social networking and links will help spread word about the magazine to this worldwide audience.

Depending on what kind of web-hosting you have come across, the world of online magazines offers writers and designers unlimited space to publish their content. This means you will not have to worry about ad-space or cutting down certain articles to make them fit. This also allows for content such as size-heavy video interviews.

When you opt to add online to your publication Bohra Developers helps you do so by building live hyperlinks to other websites, building embedded links to images and videos and linking adverts straight to the advertiser's website. This will help to increase advertising revenues, significantly increase traffic to your website, increase your reach globally and help you to understand reader habits through viewing statistics.

Bohra Developers has an edge when bringing your publication online because of the experience and finesse they bring to it. This is because of their CEO’s expertise as Cyber Editor for in 1997-2001 when e-publications were at a fledgling stage in Pakistan.

BD went onto launch in 2003 a daily e-news forum drawing 7000 visitors monthly just by SEO optimization. Added to this impressive portfolio is, a daily maintained newspaper sourced from newspapers and online media.

Bohra Developers claim to fame are sites like, and the largest English daily of the KPK province and the first English language daily published simultaneously from Peshawar, Lahore, Quetta and Karachi. Both these informative news sites are attractive wordpress sites.

Then, is a unique Muslim lifestyle magazine brought online by BD, with a heartening vision to enrich lives by connecting people to the Quran and the Sunnah. Hiba is an aesthetically pleasing example of a complete Wordpress solution with migration from Joomla.

Journalists deem that print and online versions of the newspaper are going to have to work together to survive. Newspapers all over the country have begun taking steps, some bigger than others, to ensure their survival and continued relevance. If print and online newspapers listen to their readers and adapt to the changing technological multimedia world, the future looks hopeful for them.

So be with the times and usher your publication online with Bohra Developers.