Bohra Developers-Your partner in Cash on Delivery COD

If you’ve always yearned to be an entrepreneur, this is the time to do it. With the web-boom and the success of web based businesses, all one needs is a fantastic idea, a personal computer, internet and just minimum investment to start a business. Internet based companies have come, seen and conquered!

In this age of handy laptops, tablets and smart phones, there is nothing like shopping for products of swiftly burgeoning e-commerce companies which provide door to door delivery. Shopping from an online store is no longer restricted to a few elites and techno savvy people, as more and more customers are realizing the benefits of online shopping. From books to electronic gadgets, garments to food items, customers can purchase anything under the sun from the comfort of their homes and offices.

No business transaction is complete without a payment. An e-commerce website like any business, aims to make profits or earn revenue. Bohra Developers provides a variety of payment merchant vendors available with specialised service to help e-commerce like 2Checkout, Authorize AIM / SIM, AsianPay, SECPay, psiGate, Protx (VPS Form), Print Order Form, PayPal, PayOffline, PayMate, PayJunction, Nochex (Basic & APC), Moneybookers, Mals-E, Linkpoint Connect, HSBC (API), PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Pro Direct Payment (US), ChronoPay, WorldPay Junior, ccNow, ccAvenue, BluePay and Verisign.

Apart from all these transaction methods, Bohra Developers also offers the “Cash on Delivery” solution. The transaction is as simple as it sounds-- customers do not need to make payment as soon as they place an order. They have the option to make payment in cash at the time of delivery of their ordered products. Payment can be made in cash, certified check, or money order, depending on what is stipulated in the shipping contract.

This method is ideal for fledgling enterprises who have just ventured into the e-commerce arena and especially for a developing country like Pakistan where the credit card and net banking penetration is comparatively very low. COD has thus, increased the market size and penetration for the online stores substantially by accommodating those who do not have or prefer plastic money.

The beauty of COD is that it is equipped to curb fake businesses and scams because in COD a customer pays upon receipt of the product or the service. This transparent payment method has revolutionized eCommerce and increased sales for the businesses by many folds by increasing the trust factor between the customers and the businesses.

COD helps keep e-stores vigilant about quality and prepared for healthy competition as the customers pay only when they receive the product and are satisfied with its quality. Cash on Delivery is thus the nemesis of fake eCommerce stores.

COD is also advantageous for your on-line store as unless a customer has paid for a product he/she doesn’t have the legal right over it. In case an online store fails to deliver a product it can ask customers for an alternative product of their choice without being plagued about any monetary or legal hassles.

The popularity of Cash on Delivery is simply because it makes the customer feel in control. The eCommerce industry has a lot to be grateful for to the ‘Cash on Delivery’ model.

When you opt for Bohra Developers as your complete e-business solution provider you are equipping your business to succeed. May it be COD or the umpteen payment mechanisms your e-store needs, Bohradevelopers will provide it all-- with a touch of excellence and powered with the fire of commitment!