Learning management system for corporate world

Moodle being a compatible Learning management system services in Karachi is a great tool for education, government, healthcare and corporate sectors. Its popularity has been increasing along with its users. Organizations have been using Moodle to train its people in private and collaborative environment online. Today's corporate world is well aware of the benefits of application of this learning management system.

Moodle for corporate world
Moodle is a system which proves that high value doesn't necessarily associate with a high price. It is true that Moodle was initially developed for academic use but today it is widely used in the corporate world. Many huge global companies have made it a podium for training programs and bringing together knowledge for sharing best practices beneficial in the corporate world.

Moodle is an open source platform which gives its users much flexibility. The trainees while studying the content can also share ideas and question other users. They can talk and share information, along with a robust of dialogues in the forum. However, Bohra Developers aids you in managing Moodle technology.

Moodle developers in Karachi
Bohra Developers are the Moodle developers in Karachi. They offer complete Moodle services including Moodle consulting, training, coursework and content creation, installation, support and maintenance, plug-in developments and much more. Bohra Developers is a one stop solution which would manage all your Learning management system services in Karachi.

Moodle manages training 
Noteworthy benefits of Moodle as an LMS service are;
  • It is an open source platform with simple interface supporting a large community and number of users 
  • Moodle provides excellent multilingual support; it also provides flexibility to customize at the administrator and user level. 
  • It understands the importance of mobile learning in today's world, Moodle the learning management system fully supports it. 
  • Moodle has great tracking abilities and is capable of excellent reporting.
  • Moodle provides great support for selling online courses. 
To know more about Moodle, the learning management system contact www.bohradevelopers.com


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