Web Designing is a matter of Profiting!

Suppose searching a famous brand of which you are a fan but to your dismay you can’t find its site, even though you searched many pages; now what would you feel about that brand? You would probably have a negative idea about them that either they are not up to date or are too conventional to have an online world!

But here is the worst case:

A customer comes intending to do just window shopping and is not only in love with your quality products but is in awe with the presentation of your store. Hence he/she plans to buy the product he found to be meant to be for him from your online store. But as soon as your site loads- he is completely disappointed! The website is all haphazard with low pixels and images all tearing, content full of mistakes and the product he wanted to buy is not available which means the site is not even kept updated. In short the site was not describing you and your business; he is even in doubt if the site even belongs to you. Alas! Here you lost a customer and the profit he was about to give just because of your- WEB DESIGN!

Alarmed? Don’t worry. Bohra Developers knows what to do. We help you to set up your website and get those business leads routed to you in smart and compelling way.
The Ten Elements that make a website compelling are:

  • Overall Look and Feel
  • The Precision of the Message which is to be delivered
  • The Speed by which a Website download on the visitor's device
  • The use of Graphics and the Layout of the Webpage
  • The readability of the Text on a webpage
  • The Skim ability of the Page
  • The use of fonts and their colors
  • The ease of Navigation
  • Privacy Statements, Copyright Information and Testimonials
  • Last but not the Least, the selection of Words.

We understand you and your business and ambitions and then we don’t design your website, we make your world- your own Online World! Bohra Developers is located in Pakistan with a branch in USA, but it is enjoying with satisfied clients all around the world.

Have your logo made with Bohra Developers - you will make us your habit!