Jafferjees.com becomes first again by availing Payment Gateway via UBL/Etisalat service

Good news always travels fast. And great news travels at the speed of light!So when BohraDevelopers.com became the first web service providers in Pakistan to pave the way for Jafferjees to restart their E-Merchant Payment Gateway services in Pakistan, the news spread like wildfire! When Citibank closed operations in Pakistan, this also created hurdles for companies who were enjoying the E-Merchant services provided by CitiBank. This was a dismal state for all companies including the leather kings Jafferjees who were dependant on the E-Transactions of CitiBank to provide service to its vast coterie of online clients within the country and abroad. The absence of this service meant that, in a country like Pakistan with no other solutions for E-Transactions, a cumbersome ‘Cash Payment only’ scenario was burgeoning.
 However, this gap was quickly filled when Etisalat joined hands with United Bank Limited to provide Payments Gateway Service to Pakistan to, yet again, open limitless opportunities for traders dependant on E-Commerce transactions.
The Etisalat Payment Gateway (EPG) service is a proprietary payment platform that allows real-time approval of payment transactions from Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express.
Jafferjees has a long and celebrated legacy of providing quality leather products while keeping abreast of the latest innovations that the speedily changing times require. This is why Jafferjees was among the first companies to avail the CyberNet/CitiBank combination to become the first E-Commerce site of Pakistan.
And this time too, with BohraDevelopers.com as their web solution provider, Jafferjees was quick to avail the UBL/Etisalat Payment Gateway Service which promises to bring a trustworthy, affordable and secure payment mechanism for Jafferjees’ E-Commerce forum. This will result in a flawless transaction flow between customers, on-line businesses for banks and credit card network.
BohraDevelopers.com knows that the volume and trend of e-banking has seen an unparalleled growth in Pakistan and increased up to 7 million in the year of 2012. Thus, BohraDevelopers.com hopes for the impetus of this practice of E-Commerce ventures which is sure to usher in the much-needed economic boom to help Pakistan enter the niche of developed nations.

eCommerce: 2013 has knocked the doors

2013 knocked the doors with every new Cyber Monday putting up better sales than before. (quoted by Paul Dunay). This is not an assumption; its just a truth as nobody has or would have time to even shop after working hours.

From Groceries to Garments – from Gold to Golf Accessories – www has gone global in e-Commerce and Commerce would mean nothing without e-Sense soon. Educators might have to revise syllabus though accept it or not; education also has its e-touch via LMS implementations and online libraries.

If you cant live without it; why dont you acquire it – we have all solutions of what you can think of in 2013 as we have been working on your needs since long Recipients of this email are either website owners, cash on delivery buyers or full time eCommerce Champssss.

Whoever you may be – get optimized, get equipped and follow the trend which is moving towards the better e-part of the world.We played some innings with following portals in 2012 and they got some rewards which entitled us to work with them in 2013 too.

Have a run-through following urls.
and much more on our website.
For 2013, there are few lessons for both; the new comers and trend setters. I would love to share an excellent reading @ Forbes -
that would help you plan your strategies for this year. Surely you would end up selecting to get online and jump on a CRM. We are here to help you
both ways.
Be connected and Be tuned so you may not be left behind.
News: SEO and Mobile Application Development are now named as Departments in BohraDevelopers 

A friend posted; BD is on top for “Joomla Karachi” too

When we posted on twitter reference our 3rd position on ecommerce Karachi keywords; friends started googling with various combinations. Role of SEO experts was et challenge as they were tested for their hard work done in months.
Recently we got HBA UK, Devisers UK, Maaza Pakistan and a lot of queries – team here starting investigating and researched GoogleAnalytics for this reason; and it was really good to find that www.bohradevelopers.com domain leads on several Karachi combination keywords. Congrats to the team.
To add to our happiness we found that “outsource accounting service Karachi” returned BD on top. This lead to an fortune comment that if you do your SEO correctly Google would give you good marks always.
30 companies have signed SEO contracts in 2 months; thats the stats we are proud of.

Try Google-ing “eCommerce Karachi”

hmmmm… interesting; try eCommerce Karachi on Google and reach BohraDevelopers.com where you will find numerous solutions as per your budget and needs. We have done eCommerce for small retail outlets to Industry Giants; we have www.gulahmedshop.comwww.expressgiftservice.co.uk and mymexicandrugstore.org as our key online stores; and Cash on Delivery Carts like www.shopatorient.comwww.hazari.com.pk ; try your search and get best package for your online presence.

2 dignitaries launch their sites with BD today

Good Day Today; Justice of Supreme Court www.shapaonline.com and Vice Chairperson PCATP, www.komalparvez.com launch their sites – both are happy.
Syed Haider Ali Pirzada and his team were looking for a good web design company for months and found BohraDevelopers on Google search. They trusted the first meeting gossips with the CEO and those talks turned into reality when the site was delivered pretty quickly and upto the mark. Justice Saheb appreciates the efforts and wants to continue with BD for a long term contract relation. Visit www.ShapaOnline.com
Vice Chairperson Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners Ms Komal Parvez wanted to have a neat and optimized web presence. She opted to work with BohraDevelopers on reference of Architect Ali Asghar Jivanjee - and was so happy that she gave BD contract of PCATP website.
Now, both bosses of their own fields are happy with BD and BD is on its way to optimize them on Google and get them right traffic.

3rd Qtr of 2012

Salaams all,
3rd Qtr of 2012 was BD’s 1st Qtr in new office @ Shahrae Faisal. It was extremely busy quarter with last moment teething issues @ new place. All marks to amazing BD team who made things happen here.
All those who ascended 9 floors to reach us; left our office after signing the deal; which is an achievement for the team.
Final Qtr of 2012 is geared up with some more exciting clients and innovative additions in a smart manner.
Stay connected please.
1. Fall Collection 2012 launch witnessed a complete new site for Orient Fashion Fabrics…. Don’t miss the new collection @ www.shopatorient.com
2. First eCommerce Project for Singapore market and its a toy site ; enjoy…http://toystation.sg/
3. New Cambric, G-Pret and Eid launch @ Gulahmed;www.gulahmedshop.com
4. Buy Pashmina online – its a NEW project launched in UK -www.shahimercer.com
5. Teddy Bears, Fresh Cakes and much more added to our ever growing UK Flower site — http://www.expressgiftservice.co.uk/
6. Fatimid Foundation launched their UK website - www.fatimiduk.org.uk
7. Mexican Drug Store adds MIS module to their shopping cart;http://mymexicandrugstore.org/ - now they have more CRM controls; lets not forget our loyal customers.
8. http://www.retrodesignerwear.com/ signs maintenance agreement and SEO contract with BohraDevelopers.com
9. Supreme Court Advocate Syed Haider Ali Pirzada awards web development to BD.
10. ATCO Laboratories selects BD for a quick launch and BD met the challenge. visit www.atcolab.com
11. Burshane LPG awarded BD their web contract; BD launchedwww.Burshane.com in August 2012.
12. People’s Right to Information – Naeem Sadiq helped us design www.prti.org.pk - they say – now justice is et your doorsteps.
13. TimaByNaz.com – an eCommerce site launched in Dubai with PayPal as gateway…
14. FoodMart.com.pk launched BD Cash on Delivery Mechanism in Karachi.
15. Started work on Spectrum YR website project.
16. Maintenance Contract Signed with NUST Discover website project. Excellent addition in Portfolio.
and much much more on our website www.BohraDevelopers.com
Portfolio: http://www.bohradevelopers.com/the-pride/portfolio.html
You can always reach the CEO @ 0346-222-5252 for a website design, re-design, e-business process re-engineering, e-Commerce, SEO, CMS, CRM or Social Network Connectivity.
Just to pump your excitement – final qtr has already booked new Balochistan CMS upgrade, Lakhany Silk, I Care America, NCMNH, 3 US garments eCommerce sites, US Gemstones and and and…
wait for the last week of December’s updated email.
Best Regards,

Copy Pasting Clients Websites

Our client Globex’ website http://www.globex.pk  has been copied by Lyceum Intl; http://lyceumint.com/ . This is unethical and we condemn this act on internet.

Amazing results on SEO for growing customers of BohraDevelopers

BohraDevelopers.com’s new SEO team is showing great SEO results and optimization is seen at its pure peak. Try “Quality Textile Design” and get Orient Textile Mills on top. Try “linear heat detection system Karachi” and get www.ezziengineering.com on top. Try “Magento ecommerce Karachi” and get BohraDevelopers.com on top.

So folks, what are you waiting for. Signup with BohraDevelopers.com SEO service and start escalating your site’s position to reach the top ranks in Google.

BohraDevelopers.com holds GooglePageRank 5, which is very rare here.

Best Regards,


BohraDevelopers.com launched www.kps.edu.pk today

After www.msbkarachi.edu.pk and www.buetk.edu.pk there was a big gap of new school in BD’s portfolio. Launch of KPS.edu.pk is a good re-start and the knowledge of e-school will get a chance to be deployed on this school’s website which has obtained excellence through years in education. KPS is a renowned name when it comes to quality education. Here is a good chance for BohraDevelopers to provide the school with best of the web facilities and features.

Orient Textile Mills appoints BohraDevelopers for their website development

Mr Amjad and Mr Iqbal from Orient Textiles appointed Ms BohraDevelopers for their new web development works. New works include corporate website, fashion website and ecommerce shop for Orient Textile’s new media needs. Mr Hatim S Dabbawala coordinated with Orient’s management and the order was approved on good healthy notes.

BohraDevelopers feels proud to announce this great achievement. Now, we love to enjoy claiming Gul Ahmed Shop, Jafferjees, Cotton N Cotton, Moosajees, Koel, Rajby and Orient Textile Mills as our key projects in Textile Industry. Bravo!!! the team has proved it yet once again.

First FaceBook Campaign by BD for Mexican Store

MyMexicanDrugstore is a fast selling drug store with thousands of clients and premium sales values. They are doing ecommerce in the right way and generating good traffic from USA and other targetted zones. Facebook always attracted their marketing and now they have found BD as their FB campaign designers. First campaign is launched. Hope this campaign would give them similar results as their website has.


Revival 2011 – Marketing Research Society of Pakistan

It was nicely managed evening gathering at Marriott Karachi where research interested heads gathered for revival 2011. Few adhoc committee members put up the show in a great fashion. The participants actively listened to the speeches of the committee members and understood their roles. Many memberships were signed up the same day. People from various research firms were seen coming from Islamabad, Lahore, Sialkot and other parts of the country. I was invited as I got the opportunity to design their website www.mrsp.com.pk which was very well appreciated. I received applaud on behalf of my team @ www.BohraDevelopers.com

Website for a Marketing Research Firm

A marketing and research association was looking for a web presence where they could publish their members information, events information and photos. Get membership requests and many related activities. BohraDevelopers.com designed website for them in limited one week’s time which was a blessing for the association.

It is launched as www.mrsp.com.pk and developed bywww.BohraDevelopers.com