Innovative Ecommerce Solutions to Succeed Online

The ease of online shopping has made us lethargic as we don’t have to go to a shopping mall and buy a gift for our loved ones. But choosing the best ecommerce platform to boost your business online is quite perplexing. There are many ecommerce systems to choose from but the best and mostly used is Magento. We all are ease lovers therefore whenever we face difficulty in purchasing a product online we leave that website or switch onto another one. If the checkout page is not working properly the anger inside us boils and forces our fingers to close the website.

Morever most of the population especially the young generation prefer shopping from their mobile phones as they are accessible than other electronic gadgets. The websites which use magento are much responsive and more mobile friendly than other ecommerce systems. Moreover Magento improves the organic traffic and helps in Search Engine Optimization and has an ample of space for SEO implementations for the ones who are familiar with it.

If you are thinking of a gigantic business in future and planning to have a lot of products on your website then Magento is the best ecommerce platform for you to choose as it can support 500,000 products on one website. This is pretty amazing for a person who is having a lot of brands on one website. With this Magento OpenSource is highly secure than other platforms. Perks of using Magento are
  • It takes control of your online channel
  • It takes advantage of enterprise-class features
  • It scales and grows your business—now and into the future
  • Adds functionality over time as your needs grow
  • It is flexibile to meet your unique needs
  • It has the industry’s most competitive cost of ownership

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Start Your E-Business

Roaming in the markets under the scorching heat of sun is exhausting. Whether you are in a shopping mall or in an air conditioned super market, you have to invest a lot of your time in selecting the item of your choice. Isn’t shopping online a better option rather than sweating in the heat? E-commerce websites provide ease and comfort to the people who need to save their precious time and shop simultaneously.

While shopping online one can shop different things at one time, this option is not available when you are in a mall or a super market. From fruits and vegetables to meat everything is available online. You just need a smart phone or a laptop and make your fingers and eyes alert to shop whatever you want to. The entire mall is clustered into your mobile phone.

E-commerce websites are excelling nowadays, it not only provides options to shop online but there are different methods of paying available for the customers. There are several payment gateways where you can make your payment through your credit card and you don’t need to carry a lot of cash with you all the time. E-commerce websites have the flexibility that is integrated with many payment gateways such as PayPal, UBL, HBL, Easy paisa and etc. You can even track your order whenever you want to. Moreover some websites allow return policies as well which is an advantage for the online buyers as you don’t get such incentives when you are buying from the market. Furthermore you can give your feedback about your experience of the product which you have bought online.

E-commerce websites help you reach to your desired product. You just click ‘kurta online’ and a number of websites pop up on your screen and allow you to choose the product of your choice. At Bohra Developers we provide e-commerce solutions in Karachi for the people who want to boost their business online. E-commerce websites can bring business from all over the world, so don’t wait and let our enthusiastic developers work for your e-business. Many of our clients are running their business online since years such as Lakhany Silk Mills (LSM) is a leading name in the booming Pakistani fashion industry that provides stylish kurtis for women online. We are partnered with the leather makers Jafferjees who provide high quality leather goods online all over the world. You can find more of our clients who are satisfied by the e-commerce platform. Visit our websites for more information

Connect yourself with the world of socializing

We start our mornings by checking how many Facebook notifications we have or how many Instagram requests are still pending to approve. Some people can’t wait to send a snap to their friends on Snapchat and they are always found posting pictures on it. Social networking websites play a vital role in our lives and we cannot survive in this society without being active on social websites. Though our grandparents would not be aware of how Instagram works they would surely be aware that their grandchildren are actively updating pictures on it.

Social networking websites are not only used for socializing but they are immensely used for businesses as well. Online businesses are flourishing today because of social media marketing. As people are intensely connected with social networking websites, one can easily boost their business online. Whether you want to sell material or you want to educate people about your services, social media marketing is the best way to get connected with your buyers.

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Create Online Success

Everyone in this world is in a race. A child in a classroom with his classmate, an athlete with his competitor and a business tycoon with other businessmen. Similarly websites are having a race with each other. One website wants to rank on top on google and defeat the others.

You can see your website on top on Google or any other search engine by doing some simple steps. By putting your website on Quick Sprout Analyzer you can apprehend what mistakes you are doing on your website and it will teach you how to fix those mistakes.

If you want more clicks on your website you need to write more blogs which will give you backlinks and the user will be roaming on your website.

Furthermore you should have targeted keywords on your website which are searched more commonly by people. Google Search Console shows you which keywords are working well for your website and how many impressions you are getting and it suggests new keywords which will bring more traffic.

A website should not only work smoothly on the laptop or computer but it should also be responsive on mobile phone. For example if we search for leather bags in Pakistan on our mobile phones we get on top. Moreover the website should not take a lot of time to load as it causes the user to leave the page.

At Bohra Developers we help businesses to get their websites visible and found by the customers for the keywords of their choice. As internet is becoming widely available, more and more people are using internet search engines to find the businesses. Such as if you search Designer Lawn on Google you get LSM Fabrics on top So to get your business found visit Bohra Developers and get recognized on Google.

Select Bohra Developers to do E-Commerce the better way

Google contains an ocean of e-commerce websites but not all of the websites perform well in selling their products. This happens because of myriad reasons because an owner needs to understand what his customer wants.

There are many websites but not each e-commerce website perform well in selling their
products. To engage customers to buy your product spread awareness through the internet, organically or through social media. Make your product page attractive and easy for the customers. There are many people who reach to the product page but don’t buy the products because they find the checkout process difficult. Your checkout process should be easy enough for the customers and if you are offering any discounts the details of the discounts should be mentioned clearly on the website. People get irritated when they are unable to pass the checkout process which results in leaving the page. If you want your customers to get back to you, again and again, you need to focus on the product page. You can check one of our customers Amir Adnan who have a very attractive checkout page and allow guests to checkout with no difficulty.

Customers get convinced to buy when they see testimonials of other people on the website. Moreover, the stock availability should be clearly mentioned and each and every detail of the product should be mentioned. You can check Lakhany Silk Mills online where they provide each detail of the product. There are some people who don’t trust online shopping therefore if every detail is given on the product page it will engage more customers on the website.

People abandon their shopping because of many reasons. When the website loads slowly and the discount code is not accepted the buyer gets annoyed and leaves the page. Sometimes website gets crashed and the user changes his mind. Moreover, the website should show up perfectly on mobile phones as nowadays people are mobile friendly and prefer shopping from their mobile phones. For example when we search for Jafferjees we can buy their products easily because it is responsive and mobile friendly.

Good customers should not be ignored therefore ask for newsletters and feed backs to drive their interest in your products. Give special offers and vouchers to increase your sales.

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