Learning management system for corporate world

Moodle being a compatible Learning management system services in Karachi is a great tool for education, government, healthcare and corporate sectors. Its popularity has been increasing along with its users. Organizations have been using Moodle to train its people in private and collaborative environment online. Today's corporate world is well aware of the benefits of application of this learning management system.

Moodle for corporate world
Moodle is a system which proves that high value doesn't necessarily associate with a high price. It is true that Moodle was initially developed for academic use but today it is widely used in the corporate world. Many huge global companies have made it a podium for training programs and bringing together knowledge for sharing best practices beneficial in the corporate world.

Moodle is an open source platform which gives its users much flexibility. The trainees while studying the content can also share ideas and question other users. They can talk and share information, along with a robust of dialogues in the forum. However, Bohra Developers aids you in managing Moodle technology.

Moodle developers in Karachi
Bohra Developers are the Moodle developers in Karachi. They offer complete Moodle services including Moodle consulting, training, coursework and content creation, installation, support and maintenance, plug-in developments and much more. Bohra Developers is a one stop solution which would manage all your Learning management system services in Karachi.

Moodle manages training 
Noteworthy benefits of Moodle as an LMS service are;
  • It is an open source platform with simple interface supporting a large community and number of users 
  • Moodle provides excellent multilingual support; it also provides flexibility to customize at the administrator and user level. 
  • It understands the importance of mobile learning in today's world, Moodle the learning management system fully supports it. 
  • Moodle has great tracking abilities and is capable of excellent reporting.
  • Moodle provides great support for selling online courses. 
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The best solution for the marketing of your brand

I was just browsing through the facebook when the advertisement of designer kurtas popped up on my screen and I was fantasized by it and opened its page. I was overwhelmed by the website and chose many kurtas for myself. I realized that through social media people are doing business so well. Through social media, brands are gaining fame and businesses are running well. It is because of the social media marketing, websites are reaching the top rankings.

Social media marketing has become important now because most of the population spend their time using social networking websites which mean if your brand is active on such social websites your product will become famous. As everything has become mobile friendly people spend most of their time on using mobile phones. We are not only addicted to mobile apps but we often skim the internet and search for a lot of things. If we search for a recipe we get hundreds of results and we choose the one we find easy.

It is significant to make your brand famous on social networking websites. As most of the population are active on social websites, therefore it is necessary to make your brand active on such websites. Bohra Developers provide social media marketing through which brands gain fame. To make your product recognized from a pool of different companies you can contact Bohra Developers who have succeeded in this business. For further information, you can visit their website www.bohradevelopers.com

Step Into The World of SMM with Bohra Developers

Pokemon GO is becoming the most popular click today for kids and even elders when they are online, at a time thousands of users around the globe are searching for the same game. It's like chasing an imaginary figure which does not actually exist. Whether you like it or don't, or you want to play it or not but you cannot ignore it. It is becoming a trend nowadays and social media is filled with bundle of gossips on it.

On LinkedIn people are gossiping with their pals about Pokemon Go, Facebook and Twitter are filled with comments on it, YouTube has various videos and Pinterest is filled with lots of ideas on the game. But if we look on the wiser side, the company has cleverly spread out the popularity of the game using social networking sites increasing its sales and profits. How intelligent is that? The World Wide Web can do anything if used in a proper way.

Today social media plays a huge role in developing a brands professional reputation. Bohra Developers is a SEO Company in Pakistan which positions your brand on top social networking sites in a most professional way which would boost the positive image of your brand. The company cleverly uses social media marketing in Pakistan using various strategies and targeted keywords to bring the clients name on top of the Google search engine.

Bohra Developers provides best SEO services in Karachi, and has been dealing with both local and international names. It promotes its clients content on various social media sites and amplifies it by marketing on proper platforms. It provides SEO services in Karachi with outmatch others.

Indulging your company in SEO services will not only increase your brand's reputation and customers but will also enhance the popularity in turn earning more revenues. Even in longer run this would be helpful for the business. Social media is all about branding; yourself or your business. It is a platform which connects business to its customers and if used in a meaningful way can do wonders.


We get fed up with traffic when we are returning home from work. Traffic is the most annoying part of our day and it boils our anger. This happens with the websites as well. When we google something we get multiple responses with different websites. This is termed as website traffic and to improve the volume and quality of traffic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is needed. It is the process of improving the quality of traffic to a website from search engines through search results for targeted keywords.

Bohra Developers are the leading SEO services providers of Pakistan and help customers to get their websites on top on the google page. With the help of the keywords given by our customers, their websites are found on the top from a pool of websites. Search for glass in Kenya and you will get Impala Glass Industries on the top. That is how our SEO team works for the websites to come on top.

Bohra Developers provide an in-depth analysis of your website. Monthly search engine reports are made for the customers to show the status of their website. Blogs are written by our qualified team members on the suggested topics to generate real quality traffic. 

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Why To Have E-commerce?

E-commerce is the increasing demand of today’s business. As the world is modernizing everything is getting digital. People are doing business through the internet such as buying and selling of goods, services or transmitting of funds. E-commerce is important in today’s world so that we can expand our business. Through e-commerce, you increase your customers and contacts which leads you to expand your business.

It is 2016 and as you are aware that Bohra Developers is providing e-commerce services. As the time goes by we are improving in our services. You will find the best professional e-commerce web design solutions in our company.

Bohra developers is providing its customers with four types of ecommerce solutions. Q-cart, Magento, Virtuemart and oscommerce. Q-cart is widely chosen by our valuable customers. As it contains all the features which are feasible for our customers and is easy to use. If you are choosing magento then you are making the right choice because it provides you with a flexible ecommerce platform. Magento offers training, support and services to make sure you succeed in your project. Virtuemart and oscommerce are other ecommerce solutions chosen widely by our customers. They are an ideal option for any type of business online.

Moreover Bohra developers is now introducing CMS and CRM in e-commerce solutions. We are opening the doors of success by taking steps one by one.

You may question why to choose Bohra developers. There are a lot of reasons to choose us because we are providing our customers with many types of e-commerce solutions. We provide secured online stores and we have a team of hardworking and enthusiastic people who work with determination to satisfy our customers to the best.

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