A Foundation formed for the betterment

Nelson Mandela said; Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. Education being the basic necessity in any country for progress and prosperity still in Pakistan literacy rates is 55% less than from the countries like Iran and Sri Lanka.

Thankfully there are non-profitable organizations like The Citizen Foundation(TCF) whose aim and vision is to bring positive social change through education. TCF serving for 2 decades is now one of Pakistan’s leading firm in the field of education for the less privileged.

It all started when six friends joined hands and agreed that education is the key to solving a wide range of social problems. Thus, TCF was formed. The journey started with the opening of 5 doors of school for children who dreamt of studying but did knew that it will come true one day. Along with the support of many people TCF started climbing the ladder of success day by day. From opening first 3 primary schools in Punjab to opening its first school in Balochistan. From KPK to Azad Jammu Kashmir TCF opened its first schools.

TCF won many awards for their remarkable efforts. TCF is recognised for its best management practices through the Management Association of Pakistan (MAP) Award. In 2010, TCF received the Qatar Foundation's International WISE Award. In 2011 TCF joined the community of global leaders at the Clinton Global Initiative. Another achievement came along in the year of 2013, the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship was received. In 2014 TCF brought home Asia's Nobel Prize, The Ramon Magsaysay Award. In 2015 TCF earned The Schwab Foundation's Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the prestigious World Economic Forum (WEF).

The cherry on the top is that you can make a difference yourself by donating. Change a life of a young child because Robert Ingersoll says “We rise by lifting others”.

Bohra Developers is happy to work with such an enthusiastic staff and satisfying them by our excellent work.The objective of our newly launched website is to provide our visitors an easier way to understand TCF's organization and assist the visitors to browse information based on their own choice. The new website is quite Interactive and User-Friendly, it gives you better access to all the web pages. We aim that TCF website provides you with all the knowledge you are looking for. We hope you find the new website great as we have given it a fresh and appealing look.

Thanks to 2015 and Welcome 2016!

And here comes the New Year; 2016!

But lets wait and look back to the roller coaster of 2015. What a year! 2015 for Bohra Developers was full of achievements, gaining fruitful knowledge and learning experience. This year, BD launched a number of websites and online stores; be it of fashion, medical, food or building materials.

Fashion sites like Amir Adnan and Lakhany Silk Mills have been one of those most successful sites by BD. Carts were almost starting to be filled once the e-Shelves were occupied and gratefully the graph of both brands have been going up.

On the other hand we were honored when Oscar Award Winner Doctor; Dr. Mohammad Jawad chose BD for his new site R5 Aesthetics Health Care and hence we were successful when it went live. Also, BD was up high when first client from Qatar and that also of Desi food contacted us for their website! And here we brought an e-Revolution by building a tempting site; http://biryaniexpress.qa/.

In 2015; not only in Qatar but BD reached Australia too by launching an e-Commerce site for Kusha Steels. But more than that our proud moments were when Bohra Developers own new websites were launched. BD’s news site; Desi Akhbar was launched on 28th October 2015 . The site’s purpose is to provide all Desis (South Asians) with all Desi (National) and Vedeshi (International) news. And now above all; on 22nd December 2015 Bohra Developers went live with their newly designed site!

Like 2015; BD plans to climb up the success ladder in 2016 as well. Stay updated with us to check out the launch of The Citizen Foundation’s website and much much more!

Thank you to all our clients for making our 2015 grand and a Happy New Year; 2016!

Bohra Developers launched redesigned e-paper; Desi Akhbar!

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance”. But does that mean one should remain ignorant towards the world? No! Staying updated all the time is the best way to move in correct pace along with the world. All you need is a correct medium through which you can ‘achieve true knowledge’. 

In the attempt to keep everyone updated daily with news and information, two friends: Mr. Hatim S. Dabbawala; the CEO of Bohra Developers and Mr. Mohammad Riaz; Executive Creative Director in Canada started with an e-paper named Desi Akhbar. From May 2003, it has become a platform where all news for and of South Asians are available.

Bohra Developers is excited as it launched the newly designed Desi Akhbar on 28th October 2015. The new layout of the site has been updated with colors and design that attract the viewers plus it is much more user friendly as you can easily access news of different categories such as Headlines, Business, EntertainmentIT News, Lifestyle, Sports, World, Women’s Corner and Blogs.

Bohra Developers further plans to not restrict the e-paper with headlines, announcements and stories but soon we will be updating more activities and puzzles for all age groups so they can get knowledge gaining break from their hectic schedule.

And do you feel like knowing your day ahead today? Visit desiakhbar.com to check your horoscope!

Web Designing is a matter of Profiting!

Suppose searching a famous brand of which you are a fan but to your dismay you can’t find its site, even though you searched many pages; now what would you feel about that brand? You would probably have a negative idea about them that either they are not up to date or are too conventional to have an online world!

But here is the worst case:

A customer comes intending to do just window shopping and is not only in love with your quality products but is in awe with the presentation of your store. Hence he/she plans to buy the product he found to be meant to be for him from your online store. But as soon as your site loads- he is completely disappointed! The website is all haphazard with low pixels and images all tearing, content full of mistakes and the product he wanted to buy is not available which means the site is not even kept updated. In short the site was not describing you and your business; he is even in doubt if the site even belongs to you. Alas! Here you lost a customer and the profit he was about to give just because of your- WEB DESIGN!

Alarmed? Don’t worry. Bohra Developers knows what to do. We help you to set up your website and get those business leads routed to you in smart and compelling way.
The Ten Elements that make a website compelling are:

  • Overall Look and Feel
  • The Precision of the Message which is to be delivered
  • The Speed by which a Website download on the visitor's device
  • The use of Graphics and the Layout of the Webpage
  • The readability of the Text on a webpage
  • The Skim ability of the Page
  • The use of fonts and their colors
  • The ease of Navigation
  • Privacy Statements, Copyright Information and Testimonials
  • Last but not the Least, the selection of Words.

We understand you and your business and ambitions and then we don’t design your website, we make your world- your own Online World! Bohra Developers is located in Pakistan with a branch in USA, but it is enjoying with satisfied clients all around the world.

Have your logo made with Bohra Developers - you will make us your habit!

Bohra Developers Climbing Steps of the Success Ladder.

Bohra Developers had hectic but yet productive and rewarding journey in the months of April and May.

Bohra Developers being a software house company and having knowledge of online world started giving trainings to Midwifery Association Board Members so that the midwives can avail benefits by researching case studies and stay updated with midwives living in other districts.

Along with the session, in these two months BD launched two online stores and two websites as planned.

At first we launched FNKasia’s online store- the brand by Huma Adnan, whose attires depict her love for the traditional art and craft of Pakistan. Login now at www.fnkasia.com to easily buy branded Persia, Folk, Coachella and Bridals styles.

Now as mentioned in March’s blog, Showstopper Designers’ website is redesigned. On a latest template, it has got user friendly features plus the bold colors make online shopping enjoyable.

In May, BD launched a website in Islamabad for Ingenious Engineering Products. Visit their site now and know all about their products and services. BD assures easy navigation for all the visitors.

Another engineering company; Ezzi Engineering’s website also got revamped and launched at the end of May. The site looks more appealing and works smoothly with detailed data about their products and services.

While the launchings were going on, BD also signed new contracts with respectable clients to build their websites and e-stores.

In the beginning of April, BD delightedly signed a contract with Liberty Books to promote Reading. Soon you will see a books’ online store with amazing elements that the book worms are going to love. Also, Shabnam Naz - a seasoned Bridal Fashion Designer in Dubai selected BD for complete e-Branding.

GS1- the Global Language of Business awarded Bohra Developers for e-development. BD is excited to work with the huge company.

And greatest news of all, The Citizens Foundation TCF- a professionally managed non-profit organization who has built up 1060 honored BD to make their new website. BD plans big for TCF’s site!